I have the following traps for sale. I have serviced and tested every trap and they work just fine. I will provide a (60) day warranty on all traps to insure you are satisfied.

(1) Auto Sporter Chondel

(1) Auto Sporter Rabbit

(2) Auto Sporter Skeet Machines

(1) Auto Sporter ATA Trap Machine

(5) Auto Sporter Sporting  (All Standard Clays)

All above traps are 24volt traps. I also have (6) converters that allows you to convert 110 volt AC to 24 volt DC for the above traps.

(1) Laporte Wheel Rabbit Trap (110volt)

(5) Laporte (10) column model 185 Machines  (All machines have brand new motors and control boxes as I have converted them to 12 volt traps instead of 110 volt AC systems they were initially using)

(1) Laporte (6)column model 185 machine. (This trap also has new motor and control box as I converted it also from DC to AC.)

All traps could make one a very nice personal clays course. Even though some models are skeet machines they will work fine on a clays course but just don't have the height limitations that a normal clays trap would have.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I can ship these machines to anywhere in the US.

Rick Hemingway
Georgetown, South Carolina
843-546-1466 (Office)
843-325-6950 (Cell)